International treats you must try!

I have been to a handful of countries over my modest 30 odd years and below are some of the dishes that get my mouth watering with the mere thought !

1. Pork Sisig @ Manila, Phillipines

images (4)

This mouth watering perparation is favourite in the Phillipines and once i tasted it, i knew why!! This dish has small bits of pork prepared in three ways to result in a crispy, smokey taste of heaven. As aside dish or mixed with some steamed rice, either way, you cant go wrong.

Click here to know how to make some awesome pork sisig !

2. Barbeque Ribs @ Copenhagen, Denmark


On one of my many trips to Copenhagen, my dad and I thought of taking in the sights and food of the city. We visited Tivoli Gardens, arguably one of the oldest theme parks in the world. Asides from the awesome rides and amazing gardens filled flowers, it had the best ribs I have ever eaten.

If you are planning a trip to Copenhagen, make a stop over at Promenade restaurant, at Tivoli Gardens, try the ribs and  I am sure after the first bite you will on the phone with your travel agent to your next trip over to Denmark.


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