About me

I am your everyday average guy with an extraordinary craving for great food. Tastes and flavours rank higher than ambience and on rare occasions even service.

I love vegetarian food almost as much as meats and other protien based foods and i can quite confidently say, i have found some vegetarian restaurants which can really make you feel you ha e found heaven on earth.

I have been quite fortunate to travel across the globe and have benefited of being based in the gulf for large part of my life and having family stay abroad. It has given me numerous opportunities to sample the local cusine and culture (but yes, its the cusine that gets my jucies flowimg so much more!)

For a long time I was contemplating building this  blog and I am glad I have begun writing and sharing here. I have a lot of friends across cities both in India and abroad and look forward to making more through my articles here.

The unifying motive to this blog is and always will be to let the worls know where the best food is and what do you mosr definetly try while visiting cities anywhere across the world.